​​Aspen Savannahs is the best cattery I've come across.  Heather knows what she is doing with her babies

and goes above and beyond to make sure they are healthy and happy at all costs.  

She is attentive, considerate, and extremely courteous with assisting you in any way possible.  

Ive found these to berare qualities with other breeders.

I purchased an F1 (Katya) from her and she's an amazing cat :)  

I would highly recommend her for your next Savannah endeavor!  


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When I first started looking for an F1 Savannah girl I was pleasantly swept off my feet. I had just happen to be on FB and there was an ad for F1 Savannahs for sale.  I PM Heather is she had any females with a black nose.  She showed me a photo of he cutest little black nosed kit the only female with a black nose  I instantly fell in love and contacted her for purchase.  Through the days and weeks Heather sent me photos and videos of my little F1 as she grew showing me er playful personality ad how she cuddled up to sleep.

Heather kept e posted on all that went on in this little kits life.  She answered any questions i had and all the do's and don't's with F1's.

When it cam time to pick up my little bundle of fur, i was so impressed that all the F1's that she had to sell were in the house.

Heather is the type of breeder that believes the best way to raise and socialize the kits is to have them in the home as they grow.  She was there to give them hands on care, love and play, plus when it came time to sleep they cuddled up with her.  In every aspect of their lives they had human contact.

Heather made sure they had their regular veterinarian check ups and vaccinations.  No kitten left her home that didn't have a clean bill of health from the vet.

I named my girl Nikita, the name fit her from the start.  she's so loving its almost unbelievable.  

Nikita follows me everywhere and is quite a talker.  I am able to pick her up and cradle her like a baby,

she loves kisses and hugs, most of all cuddles with me when its bedtime or watching TV she is there happy and purring.  

None of this would be without Heather's time and devotions that she puts into fur babies in her cattery.

She truly loves what she does.

I can't thank you enough for my precious Nikita and anyone looking for a well love and

cared for Savannah should definitely talk with Heather about buying a kitten from her...


I bought a beautiful F1 female Savannah from Aspen Savannahs.  Heather Simons was great!  

She updated me on the kitten with pictures and videos, health certificate.  

It was a great experience with Heather Simons.  

The kitten was very socialized.  

I would highly recommend Aspen Savannahs.


Atlas' breeder must've spent an unbelievable amount of time and energy and love socializing

them cause she has NEVER seen n F1 so well socialized and behaved.

(from Dr. Zinn, head Veteranarian at Feline Specialists of Tulsa.


I am writing to thank you for blessing our little "family" with our newest and, without comparison, most cherished member!

As you know, I am not a typical F1 customer as it has taken me years to save up enough money for such an amazing animal.  We spend just as much time talking to and deciding on the breeder to purchase our dream family member.  Now that Atlas has established his place in our house and burrowed himself so deeply into our hearts, I want to thank you.

Thank you for having the knowledge and experience to produce such an incredibly beautiful kitty!

Thank you even more for spending the time and putting in the effort to socialize  Aspen! He is not our only Savannah and I can say that he is, without question or discussion, the most well socialized savannah i have ever known.  I still have a hard time telling people that our F1 will greet anyone who enters the house with a rub/ head butt and routinely sleeps in our laps.  He sleeps every night either in my lap or on Cory's feet!  As I told you, our vet was taken aback by his kind nature (not to mention the fact that she said he was the most beautiful Savannah she had ever seen)  And I can promise you that my vet has extensive knowledge of both servals and savannahs.

Thank you Heather.

Actually, I will never be able to thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to bring Atlas into our home!

​I know you didn't just do this for me as I have seen that you treat them all the same, but i have to thank you again for how incredibly socialized he is.

​We have an F2 of similar age that never comes to us and shows fear at our approach.  I believe he is part of our family, but as he wasn't socialized in the way you socialized Atlas.  

Our other Savannah will never be as comfortable with his own self or with us as Atlas is today!!

​I cannot wait until we are able to adopt our next F1 (I want a black nose this time) from you.  I would not even consider another breeder!  I only wish I could begin to repay you the enormous debt of gratitude we all feel for trusting us with this angel of a kitty!!!!!

Thank you again,

Shea, Cory, and Aspen Savannah's F1 Atlas!!!!! Simpson



Heather is nothing short of a magician!​​


Heather from Aspen Savannahs is truly a pleasure to do business with.  I met her through another person after I was looking for an F6 male.  Once I got him I was so impressed with his personality and overall looks i had to get an F1 from her.  I was a little hesitant to spend that kind of money on a cat but heather reassured me that she would be everything i want and more and she was right!!!  Aspen produces from my opinion some of the best Savannah cats out there.  She truly cares about her cats and has so much passion about what she does.  She sent care packages and walks you through the whole thing.  If you are serious about Savannah cats then Aspen is the place to go and like they say you get what you pay for.  Take this from someone who has been scammed before trying to save a little money.  ,


​It was awesome buying my Savannah from Aspen Savannahs.  Heather was very helpful throughout the entire process and even after i brought my new baby home.  She raises the sweetest pets as my Savannah is very loving and has such a cute personality!  Im very happy i got my Savannah from here.


​Heather was there every step of the way to help us with our Kitten purchase.  Sending us pictures/ videos and updates of the Kitten along the way.  She is very knowledgeable and helpful with the entire process.  

After a very long time of research on Savannahs and Catteries, I felt I was in great hands.  

Our new Savannah, Leo, came into our home and quickly became a part of it.  

He is super tame and playful.  Heather has exceeded our expectations.

(he's even leash walking successfully now)

Thank you Heather!